A restaurant where robots serve food

Imagine a restaurant, where a robot servers food and drinks to customer’s tables in a fully autonomous mode. The robot delivers food in a fast, safe and classy manner.

The chef enters the table number into the software interface and the robot travels to a table autonomously, delivering the food to the diners, without any human intervention.

This robots are equipped with on-board sensors and collision avoidance technology to enable them to sense and avoid obstacles and humans or other robots.

According to the manufacturer’s opinion the robot has advantages:
– Fast delivery speed.
– Saves space, maximize revenue per sqft – Uses the space between ceiling and above human height to deliver food & drinks.
– No need for bulky and expensive conveyor belt/food train system.
– Adapts to restaurant’s unique layout.
– Plug n Play system.
– Fully autonomous.
– Safe and efficient.
– Increase morale of service staff by allowing them to focus on interacting with customers.

dron w restauracji 1

dron w restauracji


More information: http://www.infiniumrobotics.com/