Ringo – the friendly pet robot bug

The robot based on the Arduino UNO and it was inspired and co-designed by children.

Ringo has handful of sensors and goodies including a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, communication and line following sensors, six RGB LED’s, a music chirper, onboard battery charging, and more. The robot is pre-loaded with 10 different behaviors, enabling a user to begin playing with it right out of the box using the included IR remote control.

Ringo is suitable for anyone just getting started in programming and robotics all the way up to highly experienced users who may come up with more advanced behaviors.

$89 is a price for one Ringo robot, fully assembled, with battery. Includes one programming adaptor, programming cable, and one IR remote control. Estimated delivery: May 2015 More details on Kickstarter: